Who Is Cristina Ciurea of Scientific Forex?

by admin on February 6, 2012

Cristina Ciurea is the dynamic and inspired creator of The Scientific Forex.

Cristina has been a very successful Forex Trader for years. A Mathematician and Accountant by profession, Cristina completed her degree in mathematics at Universitycristina ciurea Who Is Cristina Ciurea of Scientific Forex? “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iasi in 1990 and The Scientific Forex is the culmination of Cristina’s tried and tested Forex Trading Methods.

She has created this training programme to pass on the knowledge and theories she herself used to win the largest trade competition in the World, The Sure Fire Trading Challenge in 2011.

After her success last year, Cristina teamed up with Old Tree Publishing with the view to developing a program that could be shared with those already in, and those who were interested in becoming part of the Forex Trading World.

Cristina knows that there are already so many programs and systems on line that can be downloaded, but they wanted to create a physical product that did not cut corners or skim over areas on the Forex Trading Subject that could eventually lead to the readers long term success.

The product has been developed to be top class, with details that the aspiring Trader will find invaluable. Cristina trained for her degree  and as soon as she got her licence in mathematics, Cristina worked as a math teacher from 1990 to 1994. This experience gives her the unique understanding and ability to transfer her own learnings to others in a way that will be meaningful, purposeful and informative.

Not only has she taught, she has also worked as part of the industry. She has been a CEO  and does financial consulting for major corporations. She received his degree in accounting at the Chamber of Commerce Iasi in 1994

If that was not enough, in 1994 Cristina founded her own company and then in 1996, she earned a master’s degree in the audit of Banks & financial institutions in the Academy of Economic Studies.

Now, with over fourteen years of Practical, Management and Teaching experience, she works as a consultant for companies in terms of fiscal And financial issues and spends most of her day watching the Charts, monitoring economic news, trading & sharing her knowledge of the Forex market online.

So, as you can see, Cristina is the real deal.  She really does know what she is talking about and how to communicate what she has learned. This is how the Scientific Forex came about.

This fabulous product, the result of Cristina’s training and experience will give you an incite into the Trading industry. It will explain the jargon and inside terms. It will show you how to take the practical lessons learned through Cristina’s career and how to put them to use and make a success out of your own career in Forex Trading

I am sure at this stage and after reading through this blog, you will agree that Cristina’s background is impressive. If you have been interested making Forex Trading a part of you life and / or career. She is the person you should be learning from.

As a last incentive . . Cristina got 161.1 12% results in only 1 month! These are the kind of results you will see by following the Scientific Forex Review Program by Cristina Ciurea and Old Tree Publishing

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