Scientific Forex Bonus

by admin on February 9, 2012

Christina Ciurea has created a top of the line Forex program for you so I have created a top notch Scientific Forex Bonus package.  The program will be coming out on February 28th and you can get this bonus.

Scientific Forex Bonus #1

A “Forex Made Easy” Course ($199).  A MUST-HAVE guide for all Forex traders. This is a down-to-earth blueprint that will help you learn everything you need to know from A to Z, and for experienced traders will help clarify different concepts that might not be clear or are difficult to understand.  I would like to say this guide is priceless because once you have Forex down, you can print your own paycheck.

Scientific Forex Bonus #2

Forex Blaster – Learn how to make $5,000/month with the right trading system.

Scientific Forex Bonus #3

Forex Profit Principles – This is what I believe to be one of the most powerful Forex reports ever published.  If you have been trading for a while or a newbie.  You must have this in you library.


You read that correctly.  If you buy Scientific Forex the Christina Ciurea Forex program, you will be able to choose your bonus PLUS get all the guides!!!

Here is how it works to claim your bonus:

  1. Clear Your Cookies ==> Learn How Here
  2.  Buy Scientific Forex Program through my link. >>> Click Here
  3.  Send you receipt to realjohnbarry @ with you paypal address and the subject “Scientific Forex”
  4.  Don’t refund.
GetInstantAccessRed Scientific Forex Bonus

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Scientific Forex Review

by admin on February 9, 2012

As you have learned in the article about Cristina Ciurea, the Scientific Forex review shall be a good one.

The Scientific Forex is a physical product that will be shipped to you.  I will be getting an advanced copy soon and will be able to give you a complete run down of the program and list my complete review of it right here.

There will be a training manual, 4 DVDs, a Cristina Ciurea Scientific Forex software, a training lab and a 24/7 Support Center.  These will be a Full no holds bared step by step DVD’s that show exactly how to use the method.

Make sure to sign up for the early notification list because I will be keeping you up to date with my Scientific Forex review and my Scientific Forex bonus package.

scientific forex review 300x76 Scientific Forex Review

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Who Is Cristina Ciurea of Scientific Forex?

by admin on February 6, 2012

Cristina Ciurea is the dynamic and inspired creator of The Scientific Forex.

Cristina has been a very successful Forex Trader for years. A Mathematician and Accountant by profession, Cristina completed her degree in mathematics at Universitycristina ciurea Who Is Cristina Ciurea of Scientific Forex? “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iasi in 1990 and The Scientific Forex is the culmination of Cristina’s tried and tested Forex Trading Methods.

She has created this training programme to pass on the knowledge and theories she herself used to win the largest trade competition in the World, The Sure Fire Trading Challenge in 2011.

After her success last year, Cristina teamed up with Old Tree Publishing with the view to developing a program that could be shared with those already in, and those who were interested in becoming part of the Forex Trading World.

Cristina knows that there are already so many programs and systems on line that can be downloaded, but they wanted to create a physical product that did not cut corners or skim over areas on the Forex Trading Subject that could eventually lead to the readers long term success.

The product has been developed to be top class, with details that the aspiring Trader will find invaluable. Cristina trained for her degree  and as soon as she got her licence in mathematics, Cristina worked as a math teacher from 1990 to 1994. This experience gives her the unique understanding and ability to transfer her own learnings to others in a way that will be meaningful, purposeful and informative.

Not only has she taught, she has also worked as part of the industry. She has been a CEO  and does financial consulting for major corporations. She received his degree in accounting at the Chamber of Commerce Iasi in 1994

If that was not enough, in 1994 Cristina founded her own company and then in 1996, she earned a master’s degree in the audit of Banks & financial institutions in the Academy of Economic Studies.

Now, with over fourteen years of Practical, Management and Teaching experience, she works as a consultant for companies in terms of fiscal And financial issues and spends most of her day watching the Charts, monitoring economic news, trading & sharing her knowledge of the Forex market online.

So, as you can see, Cristina is the real deal.  She really does know what she is talking about and how to communicate what she has learned. This is how the Scientific Forex came about.

This fabulous product, the result of Cristina’s training and experience will give you an incite into the Trading industry. It will explain the jargon and inside terms. It will show you how to take the practical lessons learned through Cristina’s career and how to put them to use and make a success out of your own career in Forex Trading

I am sure at this stage and after reading through this blog, you will agree that Cristina’s background is impressive. If you have been interested making Forex Trading a part of you life and / or career. She is the person you should be learning from.

As a last incentive . . Cristina got 161.1 12% results in only 1 month! These are the kind of results you will see by following the Scientific Forex Review Program by Cristina Ciurea and Old Tree Publishing

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Scientific Forex – An overview for Beginners

by admin on February 6, 2012

Forex Trading (Professional or Amateur) is the process buying or selling currency.  This article will help you learn more but the Scientific Forex program will teach you the complete details.

Trading in the foreign exchange market is straightforward: The procedures of business is much like those practised in alternative markets like the stock market. If you have any passed  knowledge or experience of trading, you will get the hang paticular verison in no time at all.

If you are totally new to this, just like those with experience, I am sure you will grasp this right away.

The intent of Forex Trading is to swap one form coinage / currency for an alternative in the prospect that the worth of the currency you purchased will increase in comparison to the one you have sold.

Below is a quick example to demonstrate this.

You acquire ten thousand Euros at the Euro / US Dollar exchange rate of 1.1800 (1.1800 + 10,000 = 11,800)
soon after, you trade / exchange your ten thousand Euros back into dollars at the rate of 1.2 2500, this gives you a nice profit of $700.00.

10,000 Euros x 1.18 = 11,800 USD

10,000 Euros x 1.25 = 12,500 USD

A conversion rate is in basic terms the ratio of one currency / coinage valued in contrast to an alternative currency. Case in point, USD to  CHF conversation rate, details the amount of US Dollars you will need to purchase  Swiss francs, or visa versa

Reading a Forex Quote

Currencies are quoted in pairs for example GBP to YENG or USD to EURO. This is because in any foreign currency transaction, you’re concurrently exchanging one coinage for another.

Here is an example of a foreign exchange rate of sterling against the U.S. Dollar:

Gra1 300x175 Scientific Forex   An overview for Beginners

The original currency (left of the “/ ”) is recognized as the “base currency” (in this diagram, the currency is represented as The British Pound), while the coinage on the right is called the “counter” or “quote currency” (in the diagram this is displayed as the US dollar). Before the acquisition, the exchange rate will clarify to you the amount you will pay of the quote currency while buying a single unit of the base currency.

In the diagram above you see that you will spend 1.51258 USD’s when purchasing a British pound.

In the same regard, the exchange rate tells you how many units of the quote currency you get for re selling a unit of base currency. In the diagram above, you acquire 1.51258 USD’s when you sell one GBP.

To Summarize
The base currency – The “basis” for the buy / sell, in short this means that you buy the base currency & sell the quote currency.

You would do this on your assumption that the base currency will go up in price (appreciate) comparative to the quote currency.
You would sell on the assumption that the base currency go down in price (depreciate) comparative to the quote currency.

For those who are starting out, this process can be made to look very complicated and thus, put people off the idea of Forex Trading. However, it really is just like any other form of trading.  If you want to learn a profittable strategy then you will want to pay attention to Cristina Ciurea’s Scientific Forex Program.

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Scientific Forex is coming…

February 1, 2012

If you are looking for more information on Scientific Forex by Cristina Ciurea then you are in the right spot.  On Feb 28th, she is releasing her new program and on this site you will be able to find my review and bonus package. Just for a brief Scientific Forex review, the program teaches the same  methods [...]

Read the full article →